Pet Genius Heated Pet Bed



 Pet lovers know that the coldest time of year isn't just for humans—it's for pets, too. Keep your furry friend toasty and warm all season long with this innovative heated pet bed. The Pet Genius Heated Pet Bed is designed especially for short-haired animals who may get chilly in an unheated home, or those who need a little extra warmth throughout the winter. This heated bed comes with a large 20 x 21 x 6 inch space, faux sherpa upper and nylon interior, built-in overheating protection and power adapter with UL approval. One 15W 12V heating element provides warmth while remaining safe for pets. Available in six colors: blue (pictured), grey, pink, red, tan and teal—choose your color wisely!

  • Keep your pet warm and cozy with this innovative heated bed. Great for short-haired pets
  • Large 20 x 21 x 6 inch space with faux sherpa upper and nylon interior
  • Built-in overheating protection
  • Power adapter with UL approval. 15W

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