Ignite Light Up 3 Wheel Scooter



Full Light Up 3 Wheel Scooter Pink / Purple-The scooter is designed for children ages three to five to begin developing their motor skills as well as strength and coordination. The three-wheel design helps your child balance easily with a simple tilt-and-turn steering system. The deck is wide and sturdy and features a rear foot brake so they can build up their confidence and you can have ease of mind as they explore the world. Never get caught in the dark scootering again with its light up t-bar and wheels it will always light your way.

  • Easy Tilt and Turn Steering.
  • Three-wheel design for Balance and Stable Platform.
  • Foot Activated Brake.
  • Deck is Wide and Sturdy.
  • Light Up T-bar and Wheels.
  • Scooter is a fun Pink and Purple color

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