CredHedz Single Skate Ramp



The Sakar Durable & Sturdy 22.05 in x 16.73 in Portable Single Ramp Kit is our in-line launch ramp with 15° degrees maximun incline is made by using heavy-duty polymer construction that offers high impact resistance; it’s made to stand up to daily thrashing, grinding and skating to provide long term use to help you practice Textured grip surface: This training skate ramp is designed with a textured slip-resistant finish and features a smooth radius for big airs to offer just the right balance of performance, safety and fun; it also features a tapered leading edge for a smooth transition from the street to ramp. With non-slip rubber feet, our ramps stay firmly in place without slipping or sliding; just place it on any flat surface and it’ll stay in position so you don’t have to readjust it after every other jump!

- Durable and Sturdy

- For All Skill Levels 

- Textured Anti Slip Surface

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